Dr. Lewis has been performing surgery on the ankle and foot for over 7 years. He is able to surgically manage broken bones, arthritis, Achilles tendon rupture and joint repair. He uses the latest technology including arthroscopic surgery and minimally invasive surgery.

Custom Orthotics

Tired of dealing with achy feel all day? Custom made inserts are a great option to ad to your shoes that will provide that extra support and comfort. If you are dealing with flat feet, orthotics can be a great alternative to surgery and help provide the arch support that your feet need.

Wound Care

Wounds on the feet come in all shapes and sizes but all wounds need to be seen and treated by a licensed professional. We offer up-to-date wound care options and we will provide you will all of the options available to help heal your wounds. Wound management is a team effort and ensuring you have a great medical team on your side is key.


We offer quality nail care for our patients. Not only do we cut and trim your nails but we offer filing of those extra thick nails that are impossible to trim with ordinary nail trimmers. It is extra-important for diabetics to have a licenses professional manage their toenails to prevent complications from occurring.


Dr. Lewis has special training that involved pediatric surgical management of complicated deformities. These include pediatric clubfoot, flatfeet, pigeon toed walking and more.


Dont waist your time and money at the Emergency room or Urgent Care. We treat foot and ankle fractures with the ability to perform the xrays in our clinic. No need to travel to multiple locations for the xrays.

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